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QC (Quick Change) Grinder


After 23 years of being on the fore front of abrasive belt grinding, we are proud to introduce the QC grinder. This grinder is the combination of superior design, aerospace tolerances, and the finest materials available to give you a versatile machine that is a solid workhorse and is a pleasure to use.

  • Uses the readily available 2″ x 72″ belt. They are available in grits from 36 all the way into your super fine microns and everywhere in between! Scotch brite belts are even available.
  • Machined from solid billet aluminum and anodized for beauty and durability. No castings, except for the base of the pedestal, in this gem!
  • Standard is a Baldor 1.5 HP variable speed motor. The motor is controlled by a custom made VFD specifically for our grinders that gives you a lot of belt speed control while still maintaining torque.
  • The pedestal is included standard and features a ‘no tool needed’ lock for tilting the grinder from vertical to horizontal in a matter of seconds.
  • A tool rack is available that bolts to the rear of your pedestal to keep your tooling close at hand and keep your shop organized as well.
  • Need focused lighting to concentrate on your grinding? No problem.. LED gooseneck lighting also comes standard and is incorporated into the grinder!
  • Tool changes are a breeze! No tools needed and tool changes can be made in a matter of seconds!

The $6099 price is for a  loaded machine (Included in price – pedestal, lighting, 8″ contact wheel, vertical & horizontal workrests, Flat platen attachment & small wheel attachment w/ 2 small wheel sizes of your choice)

**Shipping costs for Hardcore Grinders & Accessories will be calculated after your order is received. We will contact you for payment of actual shipping costs.

We have a wide array of tooling available..

  • Contact wheels are all machined from a solid billet aluminum hub and clad with ultra premium urethane and finish ground to within .002 T.I.R (Total indicator reading)  This translates into the smoothest and quietest wheels available ANYWHERE!  They are available in 8″ , 10″ & 12″ sizes.
  • A small wheel attachment is available for your tight quarter contouring needs. It features a dual wheel, no tools needed quick change between to wheel sizes. The small wheels are available from 5/16″ up to 3″ in mostly 1/8″ to 1/4″ increments.  All clad in ultra premium urethane!
  • We have your flat work grinding covered as well with a flat platen attachment!  It features a 2″ x 8 3/4″ working surface.
  • If you need to achieve super fine surface finishes on your flat work we have our Air-cooled Rotary Platen, designed and manufactured by Hardcore products (originally partnered with Jerry Moen).
  • Workrests are available in the vertical and horizontal grinder positions. They feature a double dovetail design for easily moving your workrest up and down or in and out to your work surface. (no tools needed here either) The secondary dovetail slot is used for resetting your workrest location and features an angle adjusting stop for repeatability of your workrest.

New tooling on the rise! We’re currently working on a few additional pieces of tooling to add to this fine grinder.

Stay tuned, we think you will be excited as well!