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We have been servicing the Industrial and Knife making business for over 25 years. We don’t just sell abrasives, we know abrasives.

Hog Brand knows what finishes they give, what joints to put on certain belts to create the best finish possible. We are known for our microthin J weight belts, no bump in the industry. Hog Brand offers high-end ceramic abrasives to basic aluminum oxide abrasives. We convert belts from 1/4” wide to 60” wide any length. We can dial-in the best material for your needs.

Save money and buy direct knowing you’re getting the best product for your dollar.
Family owned and operated in USA 🇺🇸🔪🗡

Scott Kuntz, Abrasives Inc.

Our 2" x 72" Best Selling Knife Making Belts

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Abrasives Inc. is proud to serve the Knife Making Industry for over 25 years. We carry all of the most popular abrasive items including belts, wheels and wet/dry papers. We make any size belts ranging from 1/4 inch to 52 inch inches wide by any length you need.

By purchasing directly from the source, and cutting out the ‘middle man’, you will save 30% – 40% on the cost of abrasive products.

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